Mach-Pic1With a machine shop facility of 9,660 m², Algoa is unmatched in all of West Africa in the number of connections we're certified to cut, as well as the state-of-the-art machinery we have in our workshop. 

We offer the following manufacturing services:

  • Bottom hole assembly tools; crossover subs, lift subs, pup joints, top drive saver subs, and lift nubbins;
  • Orifice flanges and plates, spectacle blinds, paddle plates, and other flow measurement items;
  • Drifts and rabbits, and other dimensional measurement items;
  • Torque make-up and break-out operations.

Algoa provides API and premium tubular threading and repair services for a comprehensive range of drill pipe, casing and tubing:

  • Tubulars: drill pipe, drill collars, heavy weight drill pipes, ARC collars, mongrels etc;
  • Bottom hole assembly tools and accessories;
  • Re-dressing and re-building of stabilizers;
  • Re-work of casing and tubing connections, joints, pup joints, and torque float equipment assembly;
  • Valve upgrades for actuator use;
  • Gearbox repair;
  • Repair and re-threading services for specialised tools such as Vetco running tools, mud line hangers etc.