With a highly skilled workforce, including fitters, welders, and boilermakers, Algoa is ideally positioned to provide a comprehensive range of Construction services, whether onshore or offshore. 

We have a proud history as a key contractor in Malongo for shut-downs and refurbishment work, where speed and quality are critical for our clients. 

Algoa is qualified in, and provides the following specialist services:

  • Welding of stainless steel piping/duplex (ASME IX);
  • Aluminium works;
  • Bondstrand Fiberglass Systems (FGS-NOV);
  • Greenthread Fiberglass Systems (FGS-NOV);
  • Advanced Digitized Pre Weld, and Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT);
  • Pipeline repairs, and installations; 
  • Pipe spool installations;
  • Platform extensions, installation and fabrication;
  • CNC profile plasma cutting;
  • and  CNC profile water cutting  

Our Construction Department has experience in:

  • Water injection upgrades on well jackets;
  • Pipeline repairs during shutdowns;
  • Installation of pipelines;
  • De-aerator tower repairs;
  • Vessel repairs;
  • Erection and installation of platform extensions;
  • Installation of coolers;
  • Installation of pipe spools;
  • Fabrication and installation of miscellaneous steel structures;
  • Qualification for installations and weld jobs on nozzles on vessels and tanks; and
  • Preparing piping for field welds, as well as executing engineering isometrics.