Since 1971, Algoa has been a provider of construction, machining, maintenance, plant services, turnaround and speciality services to the oil and gas industry in Angola. We've always prided ourselves on fostering a culture of innovation, solving challenges, and crafting solutions for our clients - several times we've led the way, and been the first company in the country to adopt new, improved technologies which have later on become the standard.

We approach all our customers' contracting needs with a focus on driving out waste, increasing efficiency, and driving down the total cost. 

As a maintenance, repair and operations service company, Algoa’s diversified service offering supports clients at all stages of their asset development and operational schedule, saving time, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. We ensure that we have the capabilities, capacities and knowledge to support our clients across the full lifecycle of each and every project, and we focus that knowledge to deliver a service that is truly best in class in terms of safety, quality, leadership, delivery and cost.

We’re an integrated solution to service requirements; a single point of contact, offering an integrated approach to projects: Algoa can provide one client interface on most projects, which allows our customers to have smaller project teams, ultimately leading to cost savings. 

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Combined with a culture of innovation, continuous productivity improvements, and holding our clients’ needs at the core of everything we do; we constantly and consistently deliver. 

Asset life-extension and cost-optimisation are currently two very pressing issues in the oil and gas industry - and Algoa has adjusted the way we provide services so that we can be a business partner that supports those needs.

There is constant pressure on operators to reduce operating costs, maintain uptime and production, to postpone non-essential maintenance and defer scheduled shutdowns and turnarounds, which is coupled with increased pressure to extend the lifespan of assets.

Algoa is constantly striving to become leaner and more adaptive with new operating models and processes to enhance our competitive agility, without compromising safety or quality. 

We understand how the passage of time and the offshore environment impact on the reliability of equipment and infrastructure, and we know how best to extend its lifespan and maintain it for our clients. 

With our existing capability to mobilise welding, fitting, mechanical maintenance, scaffolding, painting, and electrical resources to client worksites with a minimal turnaround time, Algoa is ideally positioned to support your needs.

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